Frozen seafood is hot! And consumers are paying attention. In fact, one-third of respondents in a 2009 TRD Frameworks Survey reported eating more frozen seafood over the past two years. While 43% of consumers have already tried cooking seafood directly from frozen, 82% agree it would increase their likelihood to try it if they were provided cooking tips and recipes fro frozen products.

Add “wild” and “Alaska” to retail messages you have an even more compelling reason for customers to buy frozen seafood.

-- 59% of consumers prefer frozen wild seafood over (never frozen) farm-raised seafood.*

-- 64% of consumers prefer fish or seafood caught in the ocean over farm-raised, citing better taste, the lack of additives, and perceptions that non-farm raised fish is healthier and more natural as reasons for their preference.*

-- Branding seafood with either the word Alaska or a logo increases consumer interest and improves consumer perceptions of the retailer.*

Selling more frozen seafood means promoting it. And the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is here to help. We pioneered the concept of COOK IT FROZEN!® Techniques and we’ve got free educational materials about the techniques, plus attention-grabbing signage, point-of-sale materials, recipe leaflets, recipe tear pads, training videos, in-store demo guidelines, and MORE. We’ll even help you build a custom promotion just right for your market.

Log on to and select COOK IT FROZEN! to order your free promotional materials today. Or call us at 1-800-806-2497 to find out how we can help you create your own success story selling frozen seafood--wild from Alaska.

*Source: TRD Frameworks 2009